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Current Publicly Available Pages as of 7/28/14

Jon's Hobbies - I've moved most of my R/C and Electronics hobby pages to their own domain
Jon's Home Blog - Most Updated with my home and Radio Controlled Hobbies postings
Jon's Hobby Lasers - I remade the laser site in an easier to read blog format and with it's own domain

These following sub-sites are no longer heavily maintained but provided for historical reference. Please go to Jon's Hobbies or Jon's Home Blog

Jon's Homebuilt Lasers I - This is the old format laser site with HV videos
My Rocket Site
PC Case Mod Worklogs
My Personal R/C Helicopter Site - All new R/C related posts are in Jon's Home Blog, linked above
Orange and Ulster County Helicopters Site - Ah the good old days!

Other Sites Worth Checking Out

Good Friend and Super-Smart Guy -- OT Model Fab, Architectural models and product prototyping

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